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The Litter Enforcement Officer Network offers training courses to upskill authorised officers. These courses are collaboratively designed to target barriers that authorised officers face.

Courses are reviewed and supported by legislative holders. Presented online and in person by an officers with extensive experience. All courses are accompanied by supporting resources, materials and templates. All attendees who complete a course become Litter Enforcement Officer Network Certified.

Understand the main wast provisions in the Environment Protection Act 1970

Identify a waste offence and offence elements

Understand useful investigation techniques

Litter Enforcement Investigations Course

Recognise key steps of prosecuting a waste matter

Confidently compile a brief of evidence

Be ready to prosecute a waste matter in the Magistrate's Court

Litter Enforcement Prosecutions Course

Understand the main waste provisions in the Environment Protection Act 2017

Understand everyday use of enforcement tools from Part 6.3 of the Environment Protection Act 2017 

Understand  methods to estimate volume and identify the appropriate offence

Regulating Litter and Other Waste Course

Free Scenario Based Training

This training is also offered to members free of charge to help build skills and adapt when shared issues arise. 

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