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Residential Noise

Enforcement Training Day 

13 July 2023
Jasper Hotel Melbourne


The Waste Enforcement Association Australia and Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) have partnered to develop a training course on residential noise enforcement for Council officers in Victoria. This course is aimed at improving Council officers' understanding, confidence, and use of provisions for residential noise under the Environment Protection Act 2017 and its subordinate regulations.

Training to help officers understand and identify unreasonable noise using the Environment Protection Act 2017 

A morning session will deliver training to authorised officers, aimed at enhancing their understanding and application of the provisions for residential noise under the Environment Protection Act 2017 and its subordinate regulations.


This training is designed to boost the officers' confidence in their roles as Residential Noise Enforcement Officers and equip them with the skills to effectively resolve residential noise complaints.

The afternoon session will continue this immersive training experience. It will be complemented by a Q&A session with a panel of expert speakers in residential noise enforcement. This interactive segment will provide attendees with the opportunity to clarify their doubts, gain insights from experienced professionals, and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges and solutions in the field of residential noise enforcement.


Industry leading enforcement training for Local Government

Event objectives

Provide access to free training for  authorised

Improve investigation and enforcement of residential noise incidents across Victoria

Encourage a unified approach when responding to residential incidents

Improve collaboration of those responding to residential noise complaints

Network with 150+ authorised officers

Training objectives

Understand residential noise provisions contained in Environment Protection Act 2017 and Environment Protection Regulations 2021

Increase your confidence to act as a Residential Noise Enforcement Officer

Increase your confidence to resolve a residential noise complaint

Understand delegated powers from EPA to regulate noise from construction and demolition of residential premises

Increase your confidence to act as an authorised officer for residential construction and demolition noise

Evidenced based training

This training has been co developed and endorsed by EPA Victoria 

WEAA conducted a survey of residential noise enforcement officers to understand the real or perceived  constraints that officers face when responding to complaints of residential noise. The results are summarised below.

The course objectives, structure and content has been carefully designed to build confidence of officers and address these perceived constraints.

Understanding and application of legislation 

There is confusion about legislative tools, understanding of the Environment Protection Act 2017, clarity on 'unreasonable' noise provisions, lack of consistency in legislation and installation regulations and confusion between the roles of council, Environmental Protection Authority and Victoria police

Experts in training

Officers leave training courses crafted by WEAA with increased confidence in training objectives

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