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Member Training Day 2023

10 February 2023
Jasper Hotel Melbourne


The Waste Enforcement Association Australia, supported by the Environment Protection Authority and Tyre Stewardship Australia, will host a free member training day for authorised officers working to reduce illegal waste.

Training for the next generation of authorised officers and

specialised training to target dumped or stockpiled tyres

A morning session will increase attendee understanding of the powers of an authorised officer and the provisions of the Environment Protection Act 2017. Trainees will also learn how to identify a waste offence and its elements, plus focus on useful investigation techniques. 

An afternoon session will build on this, demonstrating proven methods Local Government can use to reduce stockpiling and illegal dumping of tyres. This includes demonstrating steps to gaining internal support and implementing a taskforce, outlining the better practice regulatory response in tyre waste scenarios and teaching investigation techniques tailored to the issue.


Industry leading waste enforcement training

Event objectives

Provide access to free training for officers authorised

Improve investigation and enforcement of illegal waste across Victoria

Encourage coordinated action on dumped and stockpiled tyres as a key issue identified by the annual illegal waste survey

Raise the profile of emerging illegal waste issues

Network with 150+ authorised officers

Training objectives

Understand the main waste provisions in the Environment Protection Act 2017

Identify a waste offence and offence elements 

Understand useful investigation techniques

Understand key regulatory processes for dumped or stockpiled tyres

Understand the regulatory role of Local Government and implement taskforces

Evidenced based training

This training has been endorsed by EPA Victoria and has improved the knowledge of 300+ authorised officers already

  • Course content tailored to target emerging issues identified by the 2020-21 Illegal Waste Survey, keeping authorised officers ready and prepared for the next issues in illegal waste.

  • This training session is tailored to dumped or stockpiled tyres as 40% of Local Government identified this as a serious issue.

  • Benefits any person seeking to develop their understanding of waste matters and investigation of illegal waste

  • Case study based

  • Opportunity to reconnect with skilled trainers in the future

  • Has been delivered to 300+ authorised officers in Victoria, with satisfaction ratings above 95% for content, support and delivery.

  • Most importantly, 100% of officers left with an improved confidence in course objectives

Training proven to work

Officers leave training with increased confidence

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