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The Australian Illegal Waste Conference 

Demonstrating better practice management of illegal waste 

18 October 2023  |  Jasper Hotel, Melbourne Victoria

The Waste Enforcement Association Australia will host the industry leading Australian Illegal Waste Conference in partnership with the Environment Protection Authority Victoria on October 18th 2023 at Jasper Hotel, Melbourne Victoria.

During a morning session, expert speakers will demonstrate proven and effective tools for reducing illegal waste while showcasing industry leading practices in waste regulation, investigation, and prosecution.  Attendees will hear from recognised experts in illegal waste management who will outline the fundamentals of regulatory programs and discuss techniques used for proactive management of emerging trends in illegal waste.


 During an afternoon session, attendees will access industry leading regulatory training on regulatory language and frameworks to help decision makers identify and implement learnings from the conference. Grant Pink from RECAP Consultants will deliver a training workshop on regulatory language and the development, maintenance and improvement of regulatory practice. Includes a free copy of "Navigating Regulatory Language: an A-to-Z Guide".

The content and discussions from speakers throughout the day will guide decision makers to implement or improve existing regulatory programs, while concurrent training will assist implementation of these new regulatory approaches.


  • Understand the ‘state of play’ in illegal waste and its impact on different sectors

  • Understand the business case for waste enforcement and the benefits of a waste enforcement program

  • Understand how to build capacity in waste enforcement

  • Access industry leading regulatory training on regulatory language and frameworks for use in your organisation

Become a leader in illegal waste management



  Late registration fees apply from 15 September 2023

Individual Conference Registration

Early $700     Standard $850

Team Conference Registration (3 Attendees) – 
Early $2,000     Standard $2,200

Virtual attendance




Individual or team conference registration includes access to all conference sessions; lunch, morning and afternoon tea; and access to conference papers.

Virtual attendance includes to a livestream of the conference speakers, including session 1, 2 and 3. Session 4 is not included in this ticket option, with regulatory training only available to in person attendees.



Partnering with WEAA for the Australian Illegal Waste Conference offers the opportunity to align with organisations and officers dedicated to reducing illegal waste across Victoria.


The Waste Enforcement Association Australia has a vision for unified action to prevent and reduce illegal waste.


As leaders in illegal waste research, training and responses, we work to see respected and skilled enforcement officers targeting litter and illegal dumping.


Through WEAA, over 1,100 authorised officers  from 300+ organisations work together to prevent and enforce litter and illegal dumping.



If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact any of our team

Registration and Speaker Enquiries
Argyris Karavis | 0466 894 380


Sponsorship Enquiries
Sam Lawson  |  0466 696 761  |

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